Monday, May 16, 2011


I got a Silhouette SD for Mother's Day and I am so excited! This was my first real project using it and I LOVE it! I bought a shirt for a couple dollars to go with some pajama pants I intended to make for Lena. When I got the silhouette SD I decided it needed some embellishing. :)

Here is the plain yellow shirt.

I used the Silhouette SD to make a freezer paper stencil. Just find the image you want, size it, use the silhouette to cut it out, then iron it onto your project.

Then I used purple fabric paint and painted in the stencil. It doesn't need to be neat because when you pull off the freezer paper it will make all your edges beautiful.

Let is dry. Then pull off the freezer paper.


And I made her some pajama pants to go with it. So stinkin' cute. I had a lot of fun doing this shirt and it was really easy. I am excited to do more with my new toy!

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