Tuesday, February 23, 2010

rosette headband

I've been seeing these all over the blog world lately. I love headbands so I thought I would give it a try.

The tutorial I used was from Sew Hip Mama. Here is the link. I didn't follow it exactly, but pretty close.

What do you think?

purple pendant

I also made a new pendant to wear to my brother's wedding. I wanted something to match. That is the best thing about these you can make them to match anything. And they are easy If you want more info about them check my other post

White Skirt

It has been a while since I sewed something for me. I used to sew tons of skirts and dresses for myself in high school. In college some of my sewing classes had us sew things for ourselves, but since then, I don't think I've done any. It is a little discouraging because most of the skirts I made for myself in high school don't fit anymore and well, I am now, um, pleasantly plump. Making things for myself isn't nearly as much fun anymore. But, my brother is getting married in a few weeks and I wanted something new to wear.

So, here it is. A new skirt. It is a bubble skirt, but modified. I used the waistband from one pattern, the bubble at the bottom from another pattern, and then instead of gathering it at the top, next to the waistband, I did pleats. So, a mixture of a couple patterns, plus my own ideas.

Maybe I will have to make myself some more skirts, so that I actually have church clothes that fit.

Friday, February 19, 2010

V-Day jars

Last year I saw this really fun idea for Valentine's Day here. I kept it in mind until this year (it's amazing I could remember anything that long). I made ten of them. The best part about it is that I used some of my old baby food jars that have been taking up space since Landon was a baby. Only problem is, now Lena is filling up more space with empty baby food jars. I have so many empty baby food jars. If anyone is looking for some, let me know, you can have mine. Anyway, I just printed pictures of the kids, used a little scrapbook paper, stickers, ribbon and modpodge. Ta Da! Then I filled them with kiss and hugs candies. So sweet!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Feelin' Valentine's - y

Lena's Valentine's clothes.

Landon's Valentine's clothes.
After I decorated this shirt for Landon, Aaron told me that it looked a little girly for his son. But, Aaron wasn't here when I got Landon dressed for the day, so I put it on him anyway. I should have listened. I thought it was such a cute valentine's shirt, but then a lady at the store called him a "she". What?! It's one thing when people aren't sure the gender of a baby, but my son is 2 1/2! The next time this shirt is worn it will be when Lena is 2 1/2. It's too bad, because I really did think it was cute.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another Quick Project

One day I was in JoAnn's and I walked past this wooden 'princess' word for a dollar or two and just couldn't help it. (JoAnn's is a dangerous place for me) Today I spruced it up with a little paint, mod podge, scrapbook paper and ribbon that I had around.
fancy shmancy

Perfect for my little princess' room.
Anybody know where I can get a cute, inexpensive lamp shade for her room?