Monday, May 25, 2009


I've never really done cards much before. But our ward was having a card exchange and I wanted to go, so -

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


This is the latest thing I've made for a baby girl.

I really love it, but my favorite part is how we got the fabric. I don't know how many of you bring your husbands and sons to the fabric store, but I don't think its the most common thing. However, Aaron and Landon go with me fairly often. I really enjoy having them come. Aaron is really good about saying "yes, dear, that's great. yeah, I like that too." etc. Plus he can keep an eye on Landon. So, that is usually what he does.

Well, one time I took them to the fabric store and I'm looking at some fabric or whatever and Aaron wanders down the aisle a little ways, pulls out a bolt of fabric and goes "Hey, what about this one?" (and he's pretty excited about it). It made my heart sing. Even if the fabric had been totally ugly I would have bought some, but, no, my husband has very good taste in little girl fabric ;) and he knows me really well. The fabric was the most adorable green leaves with ladybugs print (seen in the photo above). I was so excited, but I tried not to act overly joyous about the fact that he picked it because that might cause him to never do it again.

I even had him pick between a couple patterns which dress I should make out of it. So, this is the dress Aaron picked for his little girl. So cute! He is going to make such a fantastic daddy to a little girl.