Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Too Much Fun

I am beginning to really hope that we are actually having a girl. I have been having too much fun making cute girlie things.

Here are the dresses I've done. I've already blogged about the first one I made (upper left). I got the pattern here. The second is similar, but I altered it a lot. The third one I made is a bandana dress (lower left). You can find tutorials online for how to make them. Basically it is just two rectangles of fabric sewn together with casing at the top for the ribbon. It is the easiest dress I have ever made. The fourth one I made I actually went and bought a pattern for. I love the little puff sleeves. So far I have just used fabric I already had, but I think I will have to break down and go fabric shopping soon.

So, these little hair clippies seem to be all the rage for moms of little girls. Now I know why. They are so easy and fun to make. I think I made plenty, but I am still itchin' to make more just because it is a blast. I also made this hair clip holder. I have seen a few different versions of this type of thing, most only have one or two ribbons hanging from it for the clips to go on, but I thought I needed three. haha You can use anything for the top - I've seen people use all kinds of wooden shapes, including the child's first initial, a flower, fruit, whatever. One tutorial on it that I like is found here. (I love all her tutorials) I had some boards that my dad and brother had cut up for me so I painted it with my little girl's name (the benefits of picking out your child's name in advance :))
Don't worry Landon isn't being totally left out. I made a tie rack for him that is also made from a piece of wood my dad and brother gave me. I just painted it with his name and put some hooks on the bottom of it.

This photo is terrible, but I also made a really simple little tie for him that matches one of the dresses I made for his sister. Won't they be so cute?!

This is the other thing I have been making. Again it is just a piece of wood my dad and brother cut for me and then I painted it and added some hooks. I know vinyl lettering is sorta the thing to do nowadays, but if I can paint it, why pay for the vinyl? Anyway, then I just cut some posterboard rectangles, covered them with scrapbooking paper, added our names and ribbon to hang them with. I think it turned out pretty cute. My husband even said some complimentary things about it without any prodding on my part.

I really enjoy doing this kind of stuff. If anybody has any questions or new ideas, please leave them in my comments.