Monday, September 12, 2011


That pretty much says it all.

For the method I used, see my link here.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

BYU skirt

The college football season has just begun! A few days ago as I was thinking about that I looked through everyone's closet to find our BYU clothes. I found shirts for everyone, except Lena. I know we have one her size, but it must be hiding in some box of boys clothes somewhere. I found myself wishing I had some BYU fabric, but I don't live in Utah and you definitely can't find any of that around here. Then I remembered the fabric my MIL gave me a while back and thought I might possibly remember seeing some in there. So I sifted through the box and found a few scraps of BYU flannel. Yay! First I sketched a dress, but then I realized I didn't have enough fabric for a dress. So, I sketched a romper. But working with directional fabric, the scraps weren't big enough the right direction. At that point I could almost hear Tim Gunn "Make it work." haha (maybe I've watched too much Project Runway) So, I sketched a skirt and cut out a pattern piece, but I was just a little short on fabric. I reworked it one more time and came up with an idea that would work. I ended up with twelve panels of alternating fabric -a soft denim and the flannel BYU print. And an elastic waistband. It ended up being pretty simple, but the challenge was in designing. I had fun and it ended up pretty cute. I think it helped the Cougars win on Saturday too (someone had to put forth an extra effort).

Go Cougs!

Lena is impossible to take good pictures of.

She has too much fun.

And the only one I got of her smiling is this one-

Silly Girl!