Saturday, May 29, 2010

Baby Girl Shower

I co-hosted a baby shower today. But I am totally kicking myself because I didn't take any pictures of the actual shower! I didn't even think about my camera during it. Anyway, we had a great time and everything turned out wonderfully.

I have pictures of a few of the things that I did for it (banner, invitations, etc) because I took these before the shower. I made a few flower arrangements too. But the food was amazing (my friend and co-host was the mastermind for that). We had souffle, muffins, fruit, and juice. Yum! We played a couple of games and she opened presents. We got to "oooo" and "awww" over the cute baby girl things.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Teal and Brown Polka Dots

I was trying to take pictures of Lena in her new dress, but she is such a wiggle worm! She wouldn't sit still for any length of time. So, you get a bunch of not-so-great pictures of her dress.

I did the peasant style top again and I love it. No closures and no set in sleeves. Plus I think it is way cute. It was a fast little dress to make. I did most of it while Aaron was practicing his talk on me. (Which was a great talk, btw) It is pretty big for Lena but because of the elastic and tie she can wear it now and she will be able to wear it for quite a while. I made it out of two pieces of fabric I found in the 'remnants' bin, so they were smaller pieces being sold at a discounted price. Yay! I am excited to have a new play dress for Lena.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Today I made some jammy pants and appliqued a little on a jammy shirt for Landon. I bought this fabric a long time ago with the intention of making jammies for Landon. I think it is way cute and matches his bedroom theme. He was really excited when I told him what I was making. But I made them the next size up from what he is wearing now, so I think it may be a little while before he is wearing them. I hope he is still excited for them by then. Pajama pants are so easy and such a great project for beginners. I made a ton of them when I was learning how to sew and in my beginning sewing class at BYU the first project we did was pajama pants. I still really enjoy making them. This is the first pair I have made for Landon, but I am pretty sure not the last.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

bathroom wall



It is really difficult to take good pictures of the bathroom. Anyway, this has taken me months to do, not because it is particularly difficult or because I did a great job, but because it is hard to do with little kids around. Originally I was planning to do the entire wall but soon realized I only wanted to do partway up the wall. And its a good thing because the day after I finished this Landon dumped the entire can of paint. And there was a lot left. Now there is none left. I was planning on using it in the master bedroom. Oh well, no use crying over spilt paint I guess. I think I need a break from painting walls for a bit anyway. I am mostly pleased with how it turned out. It was definitely a good learning experience. So I will say it was a success.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Patriotic dress for Lena

I love this dress. I am so excited about it. I wanted to make a red, white and blue dress for Lena for upcoming patriotic holidays. Plus, I found this darling fabric a few weeks ago. Then as I was deciding what pattern to use, I ended up envisioning what I wanted in my mind and of course there is no pattern for that. So I made it up. But it actually turned out! Yay! This was a time consuming dress because of the gathers and the fact that I had no pattern to follow. But it was so nice because no set-in sleeves and no closures! I am going to have to go with this peasant top style more often. Lena loves it too!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

More baby toys

One of my friends is having her first baby, a little boy. Her favorite color has always been orange, so - orange baby toys!
I seriously can't get enough of these baby toys.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Just curious

Is anyone reading this?

Mini Me Apron

This is for little helpers. An apron just their size. I made it for my niece for her second birthday. But Landon is my model for it in these pictures. It is a bit girly for him, but he was a good sport. I thought it turned out cute. If I were to do it over I would make the pockets a little bigger and a little higher. But other than that I am happy with it. I think I will need to make one for my kids sometime.

Hot Pads

These were quite easy and fun. I just measured some potholders that I own to get the size. They are two pieces of fabric with Insul-Bright between them and bias binding around. Then I tied a couple of my favorite recipes to them and gave them away as gifts.