Monday, May 24, 2010


Today I made some jammy pants and appliqued a little on a jammy shirt for Landon. I bought this fabric a long time ago with the intention of making jammies for Landon. I think it is way cute and matches his bedroom theme. He was really excited when I told him what I was making. But I made them the next size up from what he is wearing now, so I think it may be a little while before he is wearing them. I hope he is still excited for them by then. Pajama pants are so easy and such a great project for beginners. I made a ton of them when I was learning how to sew and in my beginning sewing class at BYU the first project we did was pajama pants. I still really enjoy making them. This is the first pair I have made for Landon, but I am pretty sure not the last.

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  1. Very cute! I just bought some jammie pants at DI for Mason this morning. He is getting too big for his 3T ones already! The kid is a giant! :) You have mad skills Joylyn...mad skills!!!