Sunday, May 23, 2010

bathroom wall



It is really difficult to take good pictures of the bathroom. Anyway, this has taken me months to do, not because it is particularly difficult or because I did a great job, but because it is hard to do with little kids around. Originally I was planning to do the entire wall but soon realized I only wanted to do partway up the wall. And its a good thing because the day after I finished this Landon dumped the entire can of paint. And there was a lot left. Now there is none left. I was planning on using it in the master bedroom. Oh well, no use crying over spilt paint I guess. I think I need a break from painting walls for a bit anyway. I am mostly pleased with how it turned out. It was definitely a good learning experience. So I will say it was a success.


  1. It looks awesome!!! How did you paint that? Was it a stencil or something? It is really pretty!

  2. thanks. i made a stencil for it.