Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kids Costumes

This year Landon wanted to be a tiger for Halloween. So I decided to make us all big cats. Thayne was a lion, Lena was a black panther, Landon was a tiger, I was a leopard and Aaron was a cougar. I made everyone's costumes, except for Lena I only made a tail and ears. Thayne's was by far the most difficult and time consuming. But I think it turned out super cute. The thing I loved about them is they are all basically jammies with ears and tails, so super comfy!

Thayne's mane took forever, but I think it is cute.

Adorable little lion

One of the times he wore it we even painted him a little black nose.

Lena was the cutest black panther ever, so of course she looked like a kitty cat. Her costume varied day to day, sometimes she wore a tutu, sometimes not, sometimes she wore a leotard, sometimes a shirt. But she always had the ears and tail.

They wanted to wear the face paint, but they always ended up smearing it. But who cares, right?

And this guy was so excited to be a tiger. It was the first time he has wanted to be something, which was really fun for me too.

Aaron and I's costumes were a lot like Landon's but I didn't have a hood with ears, I had a headband with ears.

Yay! for fun Halloween costumes.

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