Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween dress

I love making dresses for Lena! This dress was so much fun to design and make. I love Halloween (not the scary part, but the fun stuff). So when I saw all the cute Halloween fabrics I really wanted to get some and this was my excuse!

It looks better when the ribbon is pulled a little tighter, but Lena likes to mess with it and try to pull it out. I think I will have to double knot it next time she wears it.

She loves putting it on and usually wears at some point throughout the day (she changes clothes a lot).

Sorry the pictures aren't that great. She is so busy and my camera isn't very good.

The skirt is a circle skirt with tulle gathered and added at the hem. In these pictures she is wearing a black tutu under it, which I think looks fine, but I like it better without.

The back is pretty much the same as the front with the ribbon criss-crossing.

Now to make our Halloween costumes...


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