Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thayne's Coming Home Outfit

My idea for this project initially came from here. Although I didn't follow her instructions. Her tutorial is for a hat and blanket. Obviously I added to that and changed them as well. But I thought I should give credit to the spark that triggered the idea. BTW, I love her blog; she has great ideas.
The blanket was more difficult than I expected. Probably because I expected it to be very easy. My problem was that I am not used to working with knits. I had a hard time keeping everything flat and not stretching weird. I had to do a lot more pinning than I do with regular woven fabrics. Even then, it didn't turn out perfect, but I like it anyway.

I bought a little onesie and embellished it with a "T". I think I will call him little T when he gets here. :) Aaron teasingly asked if the T was for Twitchell. I told him sure, even though we both know it is for Thayne.

Then I made a little hat. I kinda went off the tutorial and kinda went off a hat from when Landon was a baby.

These pants I patterned after the pair that Landon wore coming home from the hospital. I hope they fit him.

Altogether I am pleased as punch and very excited to bring my little man home in them.


  1. you are amazing joy! this is so cute.... i love the idea because all the clothes that i put my kids in to go home in were way too big! i love ya!

  2. Oh these are so cute! Nice work Joylyn!!!