Friday, February 12, 2010

Feelin' Valentine's - y

Lena's Valentine's clothes.

Landon's Valentine's clothes.
After I decorated this shirt for Landon, Aaron told me that it looked a little girly for his son. But, Aaron wasn't here when I got Landon dressed for the day, so I put it on him anyway. I should have listened. I thought it was such a cute valentine's shirt, but then a lady at the store called him a "she". What?! It's one thing when people aren't sure the gender of a baby, but my son is 2 1/2! The next time this shirt is worn it will be when Lena is 2 1/2. It's too bad, because I really did think it was cute.


  1. Don't feel too bad! THe shirt looked cute and so did Landon wearing it! :) I could understand her calling him a girl IF he had been wearing 1 of Lena's headbands! But I bet that isn't the case here. Just an idiot not really looking at your handsome little guy! They looked adorable today!

  2. That is hilarious! I am cracking up!!! Obviously the lady was not looking at your child-he does not look like a girl! Cute shirts!!!

  3. I'm with Robin, I think he was cute!!!

  4. he in no way looks like a girl and i would totally put jacob in the shirt! :)