Monday, March 4, 2013

Baby shower game

 I put together a game for my friend's baby shower.  It's one of my favorites, a candy bar matching game. I used a big piece of cardboard and paper.  I printed pictures of the candy bars and the matching words. Then put pieces of scrapbook paper with numbers on top of them. I was sick for the shower so I didn't actually get to see it played. I hope it worked. ;)

Baby Shower Candy Bar Matching Game
Match candy bar names with pregnancy and baby words and phrases.  For example, "whoppers" would match "10 pound babies"  If you make a match you get the candy bar.
now and later- contractions
milk duds - dirty diapers
good and plenty - precious moments
hot tamales- heartburn
jelly belly-  postpartum tummy
milky way- breastfeeding
lifesavers- epidurals
fast break- mommy's sleep time
baby ruth- baby girl name
sweettarts- nurses
snickers- baby giggles
whatchamacallit- naming baby
3 musketeers- triplets
rolo- baby rolls over
nerds- hospital accountants
twizzlers- umbilical cord
mr. goodbar- anesthesiologist
5th avenue- hospital address
mounds- breast engorgement
look- baby's eyes
big hunk- daddy
rocky road- drive to the hospital
runts- premie
100 grand- hospital bill

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