Sunday, July 22, 2012

Candyland Birthday Party

 We threw a Candyland birthday party for our oldest son, Landon, who just turned 5 and our daughter, Lena who just turned 3.  We invited a few families that have kids they play with over on Saturday. 

We had a big sign on the garage welcoming everyone to Landon and Lena's Candyland.

 We used foam squares for the rainbow path throughout the party.  They started at the gingerbread tree. It is hard to see in the picture, but we hung cardstock gingerbread men from the tree. In the shade of the tree they decorated their goody bags with sticker gingerbread men and received a cookie.

 These were the cookies.

Then  they headed over to the peppermint forest.  We used crepe paper to make the tree trunk look like a candycane.  We hung red and white balls and candycanes from the tree.  I thought it was so cute. In the shade of the tree they used bakers twine (peppermint string) to create fruit loop necklaces (I was going to do candy necklaces but figured they were getting enough candy.)  And they received mini candycanes.

Then along the side of the house was gumdrop pass.  I colored a big picture of Jolly and put it on the fence and we hung some balloons over the sidewalk.  Through the pass we hid easter eggs with gumdrops (dots) and they got to collect 3 eggs as they went through the pass. 

Landon loved helping set up the party. Here he is helping hide the eggs.

 Then there was the licorice forest.  I cut pool noodles in half and twisted them around each other to make "licorice poles" that they could throw hula hoops around like a ring toss.  Then they got some licorice sticks.  I also had a large Lord Licorice drawing there.  

 Then in the backyard on the fence I drew Gramma Nut's house with chalk and the kids got to throw wet sponges (that looked like peanuts) at it.  And they got nutter butters.

 Then came lollipop woods.  I made lollipops out of ping pong balls that Landon and I colored and golf tees.  Then the kids got to shoot the water guns at the ping pong balls to make them fall off.  And they got lollipops.

I even thought shooting the ping pong ball lollipops was fun.

Then came snowflake lake.  We had a wading pool and some stacking toys that were supposed to be like ice cream scoops, but I'm not sure anyone really played with them because by the time they got that far they just wanted to play in the pools and sprinklers.  (It was 100 degrees, we all wanted to play in the water) But the prize for that was the ice cream cones.

And I forgot to take a picture of it so this is part of another picture, but we had a chocolate swamp game too.  There were candy kisses with pictures of fishes and pencil and string fishing poles with clothespins on the end and it was a fishing game. And they got a few candy kisses, but I'm not sure anyone really did that one either.  But they had a great time playing.

 The last stop along the rainbow path was the kandy castle with King Kandy on our back porch. We had lots of candy, cake, ice cream, etc.

 The kids had a blast playing and eating.  Overall, a success!


  1. So very cute!!! You did a lot of work to create a very fun party for Landon and Lena!! Great Mom!

  2. You are amazing, you put so much work into their party it was sooo fun to be a part of it. Everyone had a great time. You are so creative!!!