Friday, November 5, 2010

An Ego Boost

A week or two ago we went as a family to pick out pumpkins and Lena was wearing a Halloween dress that I had made. And of course she was looking as adorable as can be. As we went to pay for our pumpkins the lady helping us was saying how cute Lena was and how much she loved her dress. That made me feel good and I told her thank you. Then she asked me where I got it. I told her I made it and she was very sweet and told me exuberantly how wonderful it was and how talented I was and how adorable Lena was, etc. I was very flattered and a slight bit embarrassed. Then she asked me if she could pay me to make one for her. I was shocked at first and must have asked her "Really?" like five times. Then I said, "Sure, actually I already have a couple that are a little bit bigger and the fabrics are switched around. Would you want one of those?" She said yes and asked if I could bring it by sometime.

So a few days later the kids and I went back and sold this dress to her.
I was extremely flattered and amazed. It is really nice to have people appreciate something you create. I was also really glad that she wanted something I had already made. So much easier to fulfill.

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  1. You have mad skills Joylyn, don't be so shocked! I can't make the things you do. You deserve all that nice lady's praise and more!