Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Jungle Room

I love having a house for so many reasons. One reason is that I can decorate it however I want. I have had so much fun doing Landon's room-to-be. Right now we just call it the jungle room. I have always thought coloring on the walls would be way fun. Actually I got a chance to do that a little when my parents let me redo my bedroom when I was sixteen, but now I have a whole house I can color on the walls in! Okay, I don't really color on the walls. But it has kind of felt like that as I have been painting the mural in Landon's new room. Now I just hope Landon doesn't get any ideas about adding to the picture, he did watch me do part of it.

The Mural:

The rest of the room:

This is just as you walk in.

This is the awesome quilt my mom made for him.

I love the bamboo and I made the curtains.

The bookcase with all his jungle stuffed animals.

Now I just have to get up the courage to let my little baby sleep in a big boy bed in a big boy bedroom. :( I just don't want him to grow up!


  1. Soooo cute! Youo are so talented!

  2. SOOOO Cute!!! I lOVE the monkey's. You are so creative and I can't wait till we have a house that I can "color on the walls" too!

  3. Landon's room turned out so cute, does he just love it? You are so talented.

  4. that is awesome! Love the jungle theme!

  5. I love the mural! What a great job! We have so much in common, we definitely need to get together and craft sometime! I'm just about finished with the baby's room and I'll post it soon!!
    I wish we owned our house, but I still paint on a few walls because they said I could if I changed it back before we move!

  6. You amaze me!! You have so many talents and are such a wonderful Mom!! I hated letting my kids grow up too- it always hurts to watch them outgrow things. But, I am thankful they are healthy and happy.

  7. wow that is SO cute!! you did a really good job!